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LINGUIDOOR: the one-stop shop for language services!!

Are you looking for an experienced and professional translation service provider who

has expertise in different languages and domain and has a high rate of accuracy? Is there a need

for Document translation from English to German, French, Spanish or any other

language? Do you want any medical translation of health records of patients for doctors to

understand the history of any previous treatment? Is there a requirement for technical translation of any

documents relating to any subject matter for your clients in other countries? Are you

looking for a Legal translation service provider for your legal works of any kind? Are you in the

lifestyle businesses (travel or fashion) and desire marketing translations in other languages for

a wider audience? Do you want a translation of your internal documents for that new partner or

those new employees of that company which you acquired?

There can be various occasions where a translation of documents is required from one language

to another! We at Linguidoor will be happy to help you with our team of experienced native

translators to get your tasks accomplished accurately, within the required timeline and in cost-

effective manner.

We have a team of 2000+ native language experts worldwide with experience in 50+ Indian

and Global languages. We guarantee affordable, timely and error free delivery of documents.

We provide robust support during the term of assignment and are available around the clock

to answer your queries. We employ the latest technology for providing secured and confidential


We strive to be the best translation provider across the globe and aim to deliver the finest

quality of Translation within the designated time periods. We look forward to long-term


In case of any requirement for language translation services, you may contact our Head office

in Germany at Schulzendorferstraße 22, 13347 Berlin ( +49 176 34355168) or our India

Office at S-04, B14/15, Sector 1, Noice 201301 (+91 8210692835)

You may drop us an email: or

You can even visit our webpage and post your query:

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