10 Best WordPress Translation Plugins for Multilingual Websites

best wordpress Translation Luggin

Are you looking for WordPress Translation Plugins? Amongst a wide choice of it is crucial to choose the best of all. This article provides with deep insights of top translation plugins. It is crucial to choose the most appropriate one as per your needs.

How to choose a WordPress Translation Plugin?

WordPress, through its fantastic UX, offers immense opportunities to create a multilingual website for your worldwide audience. It even offers opportunities to translate the user’s WordPress admin area. Choosing the right plugin for translating your website, one needs to consider various aspects.

Ask yourself a couple of questions?

  • Does the plugin requires you to download your target language pack
  • Does it incorporates, third party apps like Google Translate to process your webpage?
  • Does the plugin offer automatic translation or manual translation?
  • Is it SEO friendly?

Machine vs. Human Translation! The best for you

If you wish to allow a user to view the website as per the language of his choice, then automated translation services would be better. Choosing a plugin with the widget installed on the website to choose the language from the databased, would a better option. If you are looking for Localised Website, then the human translator would be best for you.

Localised Website Translation Services offered by Linguidoor through their expert Linguists would help you outreach your audience more appropriately. Below listed are prominent WordPress Translation Plugins, Choose the best for you.


Wordpress Translation Pluggin

Through TranslatePress Plugin, one can easily control every aspect of their website. It offers an add-on benefit of translating in real-time and have live Preview. One can easily translate their pages, posts, Blogs & Meta-data right from the front end of their website.

The flexibility customers receive over here is to manually correct, lingual aspects of translations. TranslatePress also helps in generating SEO friendly URL for your website in all major languages. This feature offers a magnanimous boost in Local Search Ranking.


Wordpress translation Luggin

WPML is a premium translation plugin that allows you to custom translate your posts & pages. The advice that comes with this plugin is to back up your entire website before installing it. Contrary to its counterparts, this plugin is compatible with the major of its websites. This popular drag and drop feature of this plugin remarkable.

If you wish to offer a human touch to your website, it also connects you with leading translation services of the world. The feature not only limits over here, where you can easily take off your website’s SEO. The complete service of this plugin categorised into 3 premium plans. WPML is among the oldest and most reliable translation plugin for your multilingual WordPress website.


Polylang is among the most popular WordPress plugin that helps users to create their multilingual website. The automatic language pack download feature of this plugin, make it favourite amongst all. This Plugin seamless simulates with “Yoast SEO” & “All in One SEO” plugin.

The prominent feature of this plugin is its capability to take special care of minute aspects like HTML hreflang tags or open graph tags. Although being amongst the best plugin’s available, it has limited features for itself in the free version.

Multilingual Press

Wordpress Translation Plugin

Multilingual Press is amongst another WordPress plugin that helps users to run their website for different language. Through this plugin, even the user can change the content in his desired language. The prominent advantage this plugin bears with itself is it no lock-in feature, which enables the manager to even disable the plugin. Along with disabling won’t lead to any data loss.

The massive support of 174 languages this plugin offers is an open gateway for business houses. It opens the opportunity to target your probable customers from 174 languages.


This is a powerful plugin freely available to download on the WordPress official repository. To use this theme, one has to use a translation ready theme for your site. This plugin comes to handy use since a significantly less number of themes are translation ready.

It is highly recommended to double-check your theme for it being translation friendly. This plugin not only opens the gate for creating multilingual content but also change your theme language files. Xili-language is a developer’s friendly plugin. It comes with a variety of hooks and API’s following one to personalise theme’s behaviour.

Google Language Translator

Wordpress Translation Pluggin

It’s among the most user-friendly and light-weight WordPress Translation plugins to create your multilingual websites. Once you have activated the plugin, one needs to select the prevalent language of the website followed by target language you wish to translate.

In general, one can see a small widget shown on the website home page enabling the user to change their target language.


Pluggin for WordPress

It is a google powered and one of the most efficient plugin to translate your WordPress website. This plugin allows translating your website in close 103 languages. This Plugin comes with Google Analytics integration. This enables the manager to analyse, is the content being useful for the target audience.

The user can directly select the language of their interests, for the available widgets. The pro version available is fully compatible with a popular SEO plugin like “Yoast SEO” & “Woo Commerce”

Loco Translate

Loco Translate is among the most famous WordPress Translation Plugin with about 500,000 active users. The main benefit of this plugin is that automatically translates your WordPress themes into your browser.

Loco Translate comes very handily for the developer’s looking forward to creating an international version of their websites using WordPress themes.


This is one of the most sought after Plugin, used for Translation. It opens an opportunity for visitors to preferably change their language by themselves. It supports in close to 80 languages, of which new could be always added. If one is looking for to edit their content manually, one can just do it form post editor widget.

Goo Translate Widget

It is among the lightweight WordPress Translation Plugin, backed by Google Translator. The plugin comes with a translation widget, which could be accessed by just a single click. Aligning Google Analytics opens the opportunity for one to gauge the performance of each page. The drawback this plugin holds is its the incapability to save your text in your database.



“As per our research, we believe TranslatePress is amongst the best WordPress Translation Plugins for users in the market. It helps one to translate a website from front-end along with integrating Google Translate API.

Since it is already known that these multilingual plugins would significantly modify your database. It is always advisable to keep a backup of your data secure. If you are looking for customised language translation services, get along with Linguidoor Translations for WordPress website Translation.”