Professional academic translation. Why it is important?

academic translation

The professional academic translation is tremendously significant for international students at numerous stages. For example, for filing applications for preferred university or institute or applying for employment or procuring a visa.

Moreover, foreign nationals should have a translation of legal & academic documents and even financial statements from their native language into English or from English to the native language of the application country where you are sending your application.

Therefore, it is essential to have all such documents translated by a professional translator or a professional translation service provider to make certain that the translated documents are precise and that there is no vagueness when reading in the new language.

Additionally, when applying to universities in Germany, international students will have to translate academic transcripts in the German language. As a result, this will increase the possibility of section.

Best certified translation services


Though some universities carry out a credential evaluation in-house. But the majority of schools and colleges depend on the services from a translation company for their international students. However, You require a Credential evaluation to change international education to ensure their German equivalency.

Therefore, in order to ensure that there is no last-minute confusion, it is imperative to ensure that you check all the significant and specific details beforehand so that the translated documents are in order and accepted by the university or educational institution you are applying to.

In short, it’s an intelligent investment to have a translation of all academic transcripts by a certified translation agency. This helps the appropriate evaluation of foreign credentials. But please make sure that translator or certified translation agency you are engaging is competent in both the languages which are the source language and the desired language.

As a result, It is essential to check that the professional translation service provider is able to deliver the translation as per your requirements. But you should also make sure that you do not miss any submission deadline due to any delay caused by the translator or translation service provider.

Conversion of all classes, grades, course credits and the cumulative grade point average in the required format is extremely important. Not just academic purposes but also immigration and employment makes it essential to have a certified translation of your academic documents to avoid future problems.

Here are some examples of academic translation in 50+ Languages: 

  • Academic and scientific paper Translation
  • Academic Transcripts Translation
  • Resumes & CVs Translation
  • Birth certificate Translation
  • Marriage certificate Translation
  • University Certificate and Diploma Translation
  • Abstract Translation
  • Thesis/dissertation Translation
  • Research paper Translation

Our academic translation team works across a range of academic disciplines, including:

  •     Medicine
  •     Life sciences
  •     physical sciences
  •     Bioscience
  •     Engineering
  •     Computer science and Information
  •     Business and legal
  •     Arts and Humanities and many more


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