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Certified Translation Services

The immigration process can be ridiculously complex. From tons of forms to unending appointments and interviews, immigration processes can be tedious. In short, you need a certified translation company to translate and certify your documents

Documents like proof of occupancy, Job contracts and birth certificates are crucial in the immigration process. But these documents are non-English for most counties. For example, the United States immigration services only accept English documents. Therefore, hiring a certified translation company is a wise and beneficial approach.

You might be thinking, why don't I just translate this myself? But not everyone can translate even if he or she knows the language. It doesn't matter whether or not you're good with translation.

Even if you're fluent in German and English, but that doesn't mean you can translate your German proof of occupancy or birth certificate for US immigration purpose. In short, You'll need a certified translation company to handle your Non-English documents.

A certified translation company will certify the translation and correctness of the data as per the original document. And they will also certify with attestation stamp and official signature. In conclusion, these are some of the reasons why you need a translation company.

A certified translation company will help you manage your huge document translation tasks. You can be rest assured of your task getting done on time. Not just on time, but will be delivered accurately and correctly.

Below is the list of embassies, consulates and offices where the certified document translation by Linguidoor is accepted

• Government offices in Germany like Finanzamz, Bürgeramt, Ausländerbehörde and many more
• Colleges and educational institutes all over Germany and Europe
• Financial Institution like Banks in Germany and Banks in India. They accept all the financial statement translation, salary slip translation and other financial documents.

Our certified document translation is accepted at embassies in

- Germany
- UK
- The US
- Canada

- Australia
- Spain
- France
- Dubai

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