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Certified Legal Translation Services

Legal translation encompasses translation of documents which are of legal in nature e.g. plaint, affidavits, counter-statements, agreements, deeds, decree, award and other similar legal instruments. These documents may be directly used in a matter pending before a local Court or a part of foreign judgement to be enforced in home country or to be used in a litigation proceeding in another country or part of alternate dispute resolution docket, etc.

The whole procedure of legal translation is complex and should be tackled accordingly. It is important to identify the type of document which needs to be translated, purpose of the translation, usage of the translated document, and the language in which it is required to be translated. Only after all these elements are identified properly, can a suitable translator be appointed for the project.

A professional translator must understand the several underlying contexts of the source documents and that of the target country or region. He must also understand the politico-legal and socio-cultural aspects. The translator must translate the legal document in a way that the reader will readily comprehend the text.

Even if you’re a professional with an essential background of the culture of the target document, you may need to consult legal sources to ensure an error-free translation.

What is the different between Judicial Translation and Legal Translation?

Judicial Translation is not the same as legal translation. This is specifically about translating court documents such as expert testimonies, depositions, witness documents, testimonies, witness testimonies, judgments, interviews, letter rogatory- in short, anything associated with cases.

Sub-speciality Areas of Technical Translation
It's worth mentioning a couple of sub-specialties of technical translations.

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