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Medical and healthcare translation services

Healthcare delivery is currently undergoing a digital transformation. Hospitals are transitioning beyond telemedicine and electronic health records to create an excellent, mobile, paperless, and incredible experience tailored to doctors, patients, and even clinicians. Healthcare providers are required to provide the best Medical and Healthcare Translation Services to its multilingual patients.

What is Medical and Healthcare Translation Services?

Medical translation adapts medical literature (patient history, illness worksheets, technical documents, etc.) that healthcare providers need to engage with multilingual patients.

Why do you need a professional healthcare translation service?

Medical texts contain strict regulations. Therefore, a medical translator must be an expert who is trained, certified and adequately understands both the source and target languages, from the medical point of view. A professional medical translator understands all medical terms and terminologies of the source document and how to effectively translate them into an original and comprehensive version of the target language.

What are the areas covered?

Our trained team of medical translators has helped many hospitals, clinics, and medical practitioners provide excellent medical care that lifted the limitation of the language barrier among patients with limited English proficiency.

The medical translation covers various areas of the medical field, as well as translating pharmaceutical product information. They also translate vital product information for medical devices like knee and hip replacement devices.

One of the crucial benefits of healthcare translation is the critical role it plays in helping medical care providers to cater to the health needs of patients who don’t speak or cannot communicate properly in their language.

Healthcare provider who has patients that cannot speak their language must devise a way to provide instructions to patients in the patient’s desired language for effective communication and care treatment.

Translation of medical history

Medical translators are equally needed to translate the patients medical history, especially those who just moved into the host’s country and presented their previous medical history, of which they are the only one who understands the language in the document.

Understanding of doctor’s treatment approach

Medical and healthcare translation also helps patients have a detailed understanding of their present health condition and how their doctor intends to approach the treatment.

Medical translation for pharmacists

Pharmacists who provide the various drugs prescribed by a medical practitioner will need a medical translator to translate the drug usage instructions to avoid patient misunderstanding and misuse of drugs. Therefore, they must hire a Professional Medical and Healthcare Translation Services provider.

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