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Our Process

The upshot of a disciplined work process is superlative and high-grade results, and we know that! At Linguidoor, we use a deliberate quality-control and assurance process which assists us in delivering the finest results to stand above your expectations every time. Linguidoor is a combination of ‘Right People’ with ‘Right Direction’ and ‘Pertinent Process’ producing ‘Outstanding Conclusions’.

Linguidoor engagement Model

Our Engagement Model

One Cost - One Time Model

We proffer this model to clients when the project specs are clear with explicated needs and timelines. The model has proven to be quite beneficial for small and mid-sized projects.

Time – Material Model

Under this model, clients can initiate their conceptualized plan by making constant variations in the project specs and scope. Clients can hire our experts on hourly basis.

Agile Team Model

We entail agile methodology which involves marginal processes focusing on flexibility and client satisfaction. Client can work closely with our project managers for an excellent output.

HDR Model

In Hire-Dedicated-Resources (HDM) model, special consultants are assigned dedicatedly to offer cost-effective resources for specific needs. Clients can enjoy the benefits of low priced bills.

Our working process

We have been hastily implementing defined processes which are benchmarked against global excellence and ensure that the service delivery is streamlined against your needs. We follow a sleek work process as follows –

Research – We gather resources with the right information.

Plan – We prepare effective mechanised strategies to get the best outcomes.

Implement – We timely execute our methodologies as per our blueprint.

Optimize – We improve the efficiency of our work as per your targets.

Test and Deliver – We deliver our piece of effort to make your idea come true.

Translation Project Execution Linguidoor

Quality Control

At Linguidoor, we are perpetrated towards quality, right from the very start. Our methodologies are up to date and meet the industry standards. In terms of Quality Assurance, we prefer being disruptive rather than conventional.

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