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Amazon English into Hebrew MTPE

An Ultimate Solution for All Kinds of Language Barriers. We have provided our services for the project “Amazon English into Hebrew MTPE“. In a monthly task we have delivered more than 1 Million Words in 28 days on a rolling basis. 

Amazon Hebrew MTPE


  • Client – Amazon (Indirect Client)
  • Task – Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) & Revision of Machine Translation Post Editing       (MTPE)
  • Language Pair – English to Hebrew
  • Total Volume – 1 Mil words, 500K words for MTPE and 500K words for Revision
  • Deadline – 28 days


Foremost challenge was the huge volume, divided into two parts i.e. Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) and Revision. Multiple native Hebrew linguist were used with E-commerce domain experienced. To keep the track of MTPE and Revision section separately. Glossaries, terms and indices about various products, which were to be translated.


We followed the very basic mechanisms and principles of project management. 16 native Hebrew linguists were selected from our resource pool with vast experience in E-commerce domain. 8 for the purpose of MTPE and 8 for Revision of the MTPE.

A daytime was given to the linguists to make them understand the requirement of the client and also to read the client’s instructions, glossaries and indices very carefully.

Dedicated Project Management team was allocated to do the task efficiently and with optimum quality.

A special project tracker was maintained in our project management tool containing all the information of the project like which part of project and volume assigned to particular linguist and once the MTPE is done then the same part assigned to which reviser in order to keep everything clear.

We finished the task within prescribed deadline.

Our team put the best effort 24*7 to make this project a success.


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