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Certified Translation Services

Linguidoor offers tailor-made specialized certified translation services from authenticated and certified court sworn translators. Be it your birth certificate translation, marriage certificate translation, DL, reference letter or Property Paper, all kind of certified translation jobs are carried out conveniently. Our certified Translation will be accepted everywhere including Foreign Offices, Finance Offices, Hospitals and Foreign Embassies in Germany and Europe.

Certified Translation Services

Why Choose our Certified Translation Services

Our certified translation services meet your exact requirements with top-notch certified, notarised or legalised translators, available for all major languages. At Linguidoor, we vow probity and stern concealment when it comes to your documents and service data.

Certified Translation accepted by Finanzamz, Bürgeramt, KVR, Ausländerbehörde, Foreign Embassies and many more in Germany and all across the globe

Translation done by court sworn and state recognized Translator.

Quick Turnaround Time to Ensure Faster Delivery of Your Urgent Needs

Industry Standard Rates to Keep the Budget as Low as Possible.

Certified Translation
Certified Translation

Our process

We believe in reducing your translation time by working with professionals. The quality benchmark we have set in the industry assures the proficiency of experts in Certified Translation Services. 

Ask for a quote, by uploading your document to be translated on Linguidoor website or email us

Within 24 Hours, Linguidoor sends you the best-price estimation

You check, agree and give confirmation

Within 2-3 working days, Linguidoor will send you the original certified-translated document via post to your address

Types of document we cover for Certified Translation Services

Linguidoor offers high-quality accurate and dexterous certified translation services at a decent cost. Our sworn specialist translators can translate any of your official documents such as marriage certificate translation, birth certificate translation, Driving License, property Papers, power of attorneys, Job and rent contracts, certificates, diplomas and many more in German, Hindi, Turkish, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, English and other languages. The translation provided by Linguidoor is well-recognized by all public authorities and administrative bodies.

Court Transcripts Translation

Court Transcripts translation

Academic Translation Services

Academic degrees Translation

Job Contract and Rent Agreement

Rent and Job Contract

Prescription and Medical reports

Prescriptions & Medical reports

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