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Professional Subtitling Services

With the spread of technology, digitization and internet, a new era has been developed for entertainment industry. And languages cannot restrict entertainment within the creed, caste, culture or boundaries. Linguidoor validates the notion into practicality and empowers communication through its Professional Subtitling Services 100% done by human. Now reach wider audience for your videos through us! 


Why Choose Us

Linguidoor is a resourceful global Professional Subtitling Services provider catering to various domains of education, publishing and entertainment. We are inspired to appeal your brand’s adverts or promotional video to a wider global audience making it valuable and convertible into successful deals.

We increase the clarity of your videos for international audience by judging the required elements.

We Can Work with a Wide Range of Subtitle File Formats, Whatever is required.

Our Seasoned and Creative Expert’s Touch Delivers Quality Work as per Your Needs.

We Strictly Adhere to Guidelines and Procedures While Building Subtitles

We Have Served Major Brands and Web Series Resulting in Increased Business Revenue.

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Our process

Our team of regional and international subtitle writers incorporates a process which comprises of knowing the basics and comprehending the target viewers or readers. At Linguidoor, we don’t just write subtitles. We scan and ratify words, sentences and flow to make it sound original and native.

    We take the original video from you.

    Our native speakers and translators proceed to transcribe and translate.

    We ensure that your message doesn’t get lost in translation.

    After finishing of translation process, it goes through a 3-Tiered Quality Control process

    We provide the finished work to add it to your multimedia footage.

    Types of Professional Subtitling Services we offer

    Incorporating subtitles along with translating to a foreign language will only widen the prospect of growth. Brands often go with translating complete website, along with the video and advertisement material. Having a complete set of explanatory videos and blogs translated will only offer better customer engagement.

    Movie Subtitling

    Video Subtitling

    Web Series Subtitling

    Documentary subtitling

    Online training Subtitling

    E-learning Subtitling

    Facebook and YouTube Videos subtitling

    Webinars and Lecture Subtitling

    We’ve worked with

    Data Science

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