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Game Translation and Localization Services

In todays’ time, game localization is must for game developers and creators to adapt the demands and proclivities of multilingual players of different regions. With Linguidoor’s Video Game Translation and Localization Services, you can level up in rendering your gamers an unparalleled polyglot gaming experience. Bring your game in front of the world, with Linguidoor’s professional gaming services.

Game Localization Services

Why Choose Us

At Linguidoor, we follow proven methodologies to portray your brand, product or services in your targeted locales with culture acclimation for better interaction. Be it your software, website, an app or any product, our experts not only internalize them but also transform them into the new traditions and technicality.

We Offer Quality Output for Your Game Localization Needs.

Served More than 500+ International Brands In Just 24 Months.

We Have a High Commitment to Customer Satisfaction.

We Want Your Business to Succeed globally.

24/7 Round the Clock Support to Resolve any of your Queries!

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Our process for Game Translation & Localization

Linguidoor doesn’t make you wait for days to provide a cost estimate. We have 24 hours customer support to assist you with any query on need. We follow a hassle-free process.

You send us or upload your requirements with your product details.

We move on to Game localization process and ensure it fits your target locale.

Our testing process checks for any bugs and clinches highest functional quality.

24/7 Round the Clock Support to Resolve any of your Queries!

We are ready to launch your localized Mobile App in your target region.

Types of Game Translation and Localization Services

From game localization to game culturalization, Linguidoor covers all types of indie and AAA games for a wide range of platforms, such as PC, MMO, Console, iOS, Android or even browser based. If you crave to Translate or localize your gaming project to reach global gamers, welcome to Linguidoor!

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Mobile Game Localization

Sports game

Sports game Localization

Educational Game

Educational game Localization

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