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Professional Technical Translation Services

Technical translation is the translation of materials related to technical and scientific subjects while using the dedicated terminology of the particular technical field. Technical translation services is a type of translation that requires the service of a technical translator with an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, including the specific terms of the field of both the source and target language.

The kind of material that requires a technical translation varies for example, articles from medical, scientific, technical, and engineering journals. Translating these materials requires a professional translator with high-level knowledge of a particular field.

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One thing clients looking for a technical translation agency should understand is that technical translation will take longer to complete and also cost more than general translation. The extra time and cost varies and depends on the level of technical knowledge or scientific know-how needed for the translation. Furthermore, it also depends on the number of available translators for a particular language, and how high the translator is in demand.

Sub-speciality Areas of Technical Translation
It's worth mentioning a couple of sub-specialties of technical translations.

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